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Wireless Recordable Inspection Camera


  • Waterproof Camera (IP67)
  • Wireless detachable 3.5" TFT-LCD Screen
  • Save images onto a 2-16GB MicroSD card (optional)
  • Camera Pixels: 712 x 486 (NTSC)
  • Monitor Pixels: 320 x 240
  • 30 Frames per second
  • Composite video output
  • CMOS imaging sensor
  • 0 Lux illumination


# CIC-3 Wireless Recordable Inspection Camera

The CIC-3 allows you to see in places that you cannot physically go! Great for inspecting hard to reach places: tight corners, under stoves, fridges, furnaces, ducts, piping, sink drains, AC Vents, engine compartments, and any dark or narrow conditions. Ideal for HVAC, Automotive, Security, Industrial, Home inspection and Pest control applications.

The 17mm Waterproof Camera (IP67) includes two adjustable bright LED lamps for illuminating dark areas. The camera is mounted to a 1m (39") flexible gooseneck shaft which can support additional extensions to extend the reach. The wireless colour LCD display is detachable and can be viewed remotely up to 10m from the camera.

Captured images (JPEG) and videos (AVI) can be stored onto a 2-16GB MicroSD card (optional). Images are date and time stamped for playback on the wireless LCD display or PC. The LCD display also has a composite video output for displaying on larger monitors and a USB output for connecting to your computer. Or remove the MicroSD card and transfer directly to your computer.

Camera operates using 4-AA batteries (not supplied) and the colour LCD display uses built-in rechargeable batteries. The Inspection camera is supplied with carrying case, AC/DC Adapter/Charger, attachable mirror, magnet and hook accessories, video and USB cables. 4-AA batteries are required for camera operation. Other optional accessories are magnetic base, additional extensions and MicroSD card.

$ 244.50 Canadian Dollars

SD2GB   Micro SD Card 2GB Memory Card   Optional  
CICX-PS   Power Supply for CIC-3 Recordable Extension Camera   Optional  
CICX-MH   Magnetic Holder for for CIC-3 Recordable Extension Camera   Optional  
CICX-EXT1   Extension Shaft 1m for CIC-3 Recordable Extension Camera   Optional  
CICX-ACC   Accessory Kit for CIC-3 Recordable Extension Camera   Optional  

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