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*Dear Valued Customers*

We would like to inform you that Main Electronic Supplies is now permanently closed.

We are currently in the process of selling off our entire inventory in larger sections.
If interested, please email us at:

We sincerely thank you for your continued support!



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    - Foam Surrounds (Sold to Innovative Audio)
    - Vacuum Tubes – Modern Stock (Sold)
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Fume Extractors

Soldering produces fumes that are potentially harmful to the health of operators. Fume extraction systems are available in a wide range of configurations to suit almost any application. The units below are our most popular items for fume extraction. We can help design a system for you.

XY-468ESD Xytronics fume extractor vancouver BC

User Manual..

Fume Extractor XY-468ESD Xytronics
This is why you need Fume Extraction!!
Flux is an integral part of the soldering process to prepare the work surface. Composed of rosin-resin and mixed with an activator (halogen organic agent) that, as the temperature increases, generate noxious components such as salicylic acid and pinene commonly seen as smoke rising from the work area.

High content ratios of resin generate phinol (C6H5OH) and the activators can emit hydrogen chloride (HCL) and other compounds. The US Government has occupational hazard standards controlling the permissible amounts of such compounds in the work area and the 456DLX and  468ESD FUME EXTRACTORS when used properly, help to meet these standards.

The 468ESD Fume Extractor offer a convenient and space saving method of removing noxious fumes from the work environment. Designed for use on the factory floor, in R&D or by the hobbyist, this new product provides an economical and efficient method to improve the work place by eliminating headaches, nausea and eye irritations often associated with exposure to solder fumes.

The 468ESD Fume Extractor was developed with a high performance fan and an easy to replace activated carbon filter. The filter is made by joining specific foam with refined activated carbon. The activated carbon has a surface area of 1250 m square/gram and the total weight of the filter is 500 grams/meter square. The dust collection efficiency of the filter is 30% while the carbon filter can absorb up to 30% of its carbon weight in noxious components.
$ 54.95 Canadian Dollars
XY-763313010 Activated Carbon Filter 3-Pack $ 12.55

XY-HV2E-FS-110 Xytronics Fume Extractor Vancouver BC Canada

$ 995.00 Canadian Dollars

XY-76-3300003 filters Vancouver Bc Canada

Filter Kit

$ 19.95

Xytronic HV2E-FS Duo Vac Fume Extractor

XYtronic HV2E Duo vac fume extractor; Clears air of highly toxic and potentially hazardous fumes commonly found in the soldering work enviornment. Features a 3-stage Hepa filtration with filter sensor, built in silencer and can be supplied with up to 2 arms per system to cover multiple work stations.

Specifications: INTERNAL PUMP:
Incorporates a brushless, maintenance free centrifugal fan motor.
AIR FLOW: 175m3/hr. per 75mm arm.
Easily fits under the workbench or in the service/repair center. Weights in at only 14kg. or 30 pounds.
110V (HV-2E-110-60-1)
OUTPUT: 0.25KW, ,1.1 amps.
<50 db. - Built in silencer
Standard Filter:
Soldering Operations
P/N XY-76-A330001
Clean Room Filter:
Combo HEPA & Bonded Media
Noxious Fume:
For Adhesives, etc.
4 lb. of gas media


XY-HVEARM-KIT Fume Extraction Flexible Arm Kit Vancouver BC Canada

XY-HVEARM-KIT Fume Extraction Flexible Arm Kit

Fume extraction arm kit for the HV2E-FS fume extractor.


  • Round 4.5" dia ESD nozzle
  • 2 foot, 2.5" dia ESD flexible hose
  • 2.5" to 3" adapter
  • Bench Clamp
  • Hose Clamps (2)
  • 4 foot lower duct housing

*Fume Extractor not included*

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*Dear Valued Customers*

We would like to inform you that due in part to the passing of both Phil and Daniel,
the founders of our family business, Main Electronic Supplies is now "Closed."

We are currently looking to sell the whole lot or large sections of our inventory.
If you or anyone you know (including businesses) are interested,
please email us at:

Once our inventory has found a new home,
we will gladly provide an update below as to where it has moved.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and continued support since 1971!



- Our stock of both "Record Player Needles, Cartridges & Accessories"
and "Foam Surrounds" have now moved to Innovative Audio!

Prices are subject to change without notice.