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Xytronic LF-369D 45W Mini-Type Soldering Station

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Product Features:

Heater/Sensor Failure Detection: 
If sensor circuit fails, the heater power is shut down.

Temperature “Lock-Out” feature:
The temperature can be locked with a password code.

ESD Safe and Spike Free circuitry:
The “Zero Voltage” electronic switching design protects voltage and current sensitive components (CMOS devices, etc.) against damaging current and transient voltage spikes commonly produced by less efficient, mechanically switched stations.

Easy Park Iron Holder with Tip Cleaner: Made of low abrasive brass shavings instead of conventional “wet” sponges to extend tip life and reduce oxidation damage and no water is necessary.

The highly insulated "CeramicTech" heating element is engineered for safe operation and exceeds 100Mhoms in insulative capability. The LF-369D's specially designed heating element brings the temperature up to approximately 565-650°C (1050-1200°F), 115VAC/220VAC at full setting in about one minute. This results in very fast heat-up, instant recovery and superior heat transmission.

The ergonomic and slender soldering iron design with a comfortable rubber grip that prevents operator fatigue. The soldering iron is attached to the base unit using a non-burning silicone rubber cord.

The tip is grounded through the power unit to ensure leakage of less that 0.4 milivolts, and a wide selection of long-lasting, iron clad, nickel/chrome plated and pre-tinned tips are available to meet all your soldering needs.

Your LF-369D will ship with a standard tip: 44-510601 / ST-501, Waterless tip dresser, iron stand, and operating instructions.

Electronic Temperature Controlled,
Desktop Soldering Station

The high power LF-369D electronically temperature controlled soldering station was specially designed and developed to meet the present and future Lead-free soldering needs of the electronic production industry. A temperature regulated soldering iron is essential for making consistent, reliable soldered connections. It provides all the benefits of temperature regulation and connects via a highly flexible burn-resistant cord, and can be easily adjusted in temperature. (150ºC - 480ºC )

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