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Audio Generators

Compact Design
Large Easy to Read Scale
Low Distortion
Sine or Square Wave Output
Built-in Attenuator

$ 302.00 Canadian Dollars

SGA-8200 Audio Generator

The SGA-8200 Audio Generator can output a sine or square wave from 10Hz to 1MHz. Ideal for testing audio and op-amp circuits. Necessary equipment for the serious audio enthusiast

Frequency Range 10Hz to 1 Mhz
Accuracy 10Hz to 1 Mhz
100Hz to 100Khz
Output Impedance 600 Ohms unbalanced
Sine Wave Output Range 10Hz to 1Mhz
Output Voltage 8V RMS maximum
Output Distortion 500Hz to 50Khz
50Khz to 500Khz
Square Wave Output Range 10Hz to 100Khz
Output Voltage 15V p-p max.
Synchronization Range +_ 1% of oscillator freq. per V RMS
Input Impedance 10K ohm approx
Max Input 10 V RMS

$ 106.00
Canadian Dollars

GF800 Sine/Square Wave Audio Generator

20 HZ - 150KHZ Low Distortion

Sine and square wave generator
20 hz to 150khz in 46 steps
Low distortion R-C oscillator
Variable output control
Low battery indicator

Frequency Range - X1 Range 20hz to 1.5khz (23 Steps)
X100 Range 2khz to 150khz (23 steps)
Accuracy - 200hz thru 100khz +- 3% 150khz and 150khz +- 5%
Output Control - 0db/-20db attenuator switch and variable amplitude control.
Output Impedence - approximately 600 ohm
Sine Wave Characteristics - Voltage 1.2v RMS at max setting (no load). Flatness (short term) 20hz to 150khz + .5db (reference freq. 1kh)
Distortion 200hz - 15khz < .05% 15khz -150khz <.3%
Square Wave Characteristics - Voltage >_5v p-p at max setting, Rise&fall Time Less then .5us, Sag Less then 5% at 20hz (Dc coupled), Over shoot <2% from max output to 50mv p-p, Duty ratio 50% +- 5%

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