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Main Electronic Supplies Ltd. Was founded in 1971, in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, by Phil Tomlinson. Starting out primarily as a parts distributor to the TV Service industry. Main has grown to include parts distribution for the Industrial, MRO and Hobby Markets.

The TV Service industry has grown considerable over the last 30 years and the need to maintain a proper inventory has driven many distributors to abandon this sector. Phil's philosophy has always been that you can't sell from an empty shelf, and to that end Main has worked hard to maintain a good inventory. Over 9000 different Semiconductor numbers and still counting.

To service the MRO Market Main works hard to source parts world wide with an emphases on delivery. When you have a factory shut down who wants to hear about 22 week deliveries. With 2 air shipments a week being our regular, you should see our special.

The hobby industry includes people from every sector of the industry. From the High School Student starting his first Electronics Course to the Design Engineer doing a weekend project in his at home work shop. This group really keeps us hopping as you never know what there going to need. One day its an old loop stick antenna, the next its a laser diode.

The following is a partial list of the parts we stock

Antennas - Batteries - Belts - Capacitors - Computer Accessories - Connectors - Diodes - NTE - Fans - Flybacks - Hardware - IC Chips - Idler Tires - Kits - Knight Lite LED'S - Lamps - MG Chemicals - Mode - Power Supplies - RCA Parts - Resistors - Semiconductors - Sovtek Tubes - Test Equipment - Tools - Transistors - Tubes - TV Tuners - TV Parts - VCR Parts - Video Heads

Some Pictures


Thanks for all your support since 1971
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