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ECG/NTE Rectifiers

Volts 3 A 6 A 6 A 12 A 15 A
50 ECG5800 ECG5830 ECG5850   ECG5870   ECG5940
50   ECG5831* ECG5851*   ECG5871*   ECG5941*
100 ECG5801     ECG5812      
200 ECG5802 ECG5834 ECG5848   ECG5874   ECG5844
200   ECG5835* ECG5855*   ECG5875*   ECG5945*
400 ECG5804 ECG5838 ECG5858 ECG5814 ECG5878   ECG5948
400   ECG5839* ECG5859*   ECG5879*   ECG5949*
600 ECG5806 ECG5842 ECG5862 ECG5815 ECG5882 ECG6013 ECG5952
600   ECG5843* ECG5863*   ECG5883*   ECG5953*
800 ECG5808 ECG5846 ECG5866   ECG5886    
800   ECG5847* ECG5867*   ECG5887*    
1000 ECG5809 ECG5848 ECG5868 ECG5817 ECG5890    
1000   ECG5849 ECG5869   ECG5891*    
1200         ECG5810    
1200         ECG5811*    
Pkg Axial DO-4 Axial DO-4 TO-220 DO-5
Standard polarity is Cathode to case. * indicates polarity is anode to case
Volts 16 A 20 A 25 A 40 A 50 A 60 A 70 A
50 ECG5892 ECG5912   ECG5980   ECG6020 ECG6048
50 ECG5893* ECG5913*   ECG5981*   ECG6021* ECG6049*
100       ECG5982   ECG6022 ECG6050
100       ECG5983*   ECG6032* ECG6051*
200 ECG5896 ECG5916 ECG5864 ECG5986   ECG6026 ECG6054
200 ECG5897* ECG5917* ECG5865* ECG5987*   ECG6027* ECG6055*
300       ECG5988      
300       ECG5989*      
400 ECG5900 ECG5920   ECG5990 ECG5826 ECG6034 ECG6060
400 ECG5901* ECG5921*   ECG5991* ECG5827* ECG6035* ECG6061*
500       ECG5992      
500       ECG5993*      
600 ECG5904 ECG5924 ECG5884 ECG5994   ECG6040 ECG6064
600 ECG5905* ECG5925* ECG5885* ECG5995*   ECG6041* ECG6065*
800 ECG5908 ECG5928   ECG5998 ECG5828 ECG6042 ECG6068
800 ECG5909* ECG5929*   ECG5999*   ECG6043* ECG6069*
1000 ECG5910 ECG5932   ECG6002   ECG6044 ECG6072
1000 ECG5911* ECG5933*   ECG6003*   ECG6045* ECG6073*
1200   ECG5844 ECG5888 ECG5906   ECG5926 ECG5930
1200   ECG5845* ECG5889* ECG5907*   ECG5927* ECG5931*
Pkg DO-4 DO-5 Press Fit DO-5
Standard polarity is Cathode to case. * indicates polarity is anode to case

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