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Frequency Counters

F2800 Hand Held 3 GHZ Universal Counter

50 ohm input for full range 1mhz to 3 ghz coverage.
High speed 300mhz direct count with 1hz per second resolution.
10 digit LCD display
Ultra sensitivity Synchronous detector bargraph with 16 segment display of RF signal strength.
low power consumption 6 hour Nicad operation.
Low battery indicator. - Hold switch locks display. - Supplied with telescoping whip antenna and AC wall adapter.

Input Sensitivity
Amplifier 50 ohm - Impedance 50 ohm - Range 1mhz - 3 ghz - Sensitivity <.8mv @ 100mhz - <6mv @ 300mhz - <7mv @ 1ghz - <100mv @ 2.4ghz - Max input 15dbm


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