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Function Generator

$ 77.95 Canadian Dollars

FG-500 Function Generator
• Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square
• Impedance: 600? +/-10%.
• Frequency: 1Hz - 1MHz in 6 decade steps with variable ranges.
• Amplitude: 0 - 3Vpp at 9VDC input.
• Distortion: Less than 1% (at 1kHz).
• Flatness: +/-0.05dB 1Hz - 100kHz.
• Amplitude: 8V (no load) at 9VDC input.
• Rise Time: Less than 50ns (at 1kHz).
• Fall Time: Less than 30ns (at 1kHz).
• Symmetry: Less than 5% (at 1kHz).
• Amplitude: 0 - 3Vpp at 9VDC input.
• Linearity: Less than 1% (up to 100kHz).

$ 333.26 Canadian Dollars

SWF-7000 Function Generator
The Circuit-Test Sweep Function Generator is a versatile signal source which can be used as a function, pulse or sweep generator. These generators feature sine, square, triangle and pulse waveform outputs covering a frequency range of 0.02Hz to 2MHz. Using the built-in digital frequency counter (10Hz to 2MHz) ensures simple yet accurate frequency control. Other features include a built-in continuously variable DC offset and variable attenuation. With these features the SWF-6000 or 7000 can be used for many applications in both analogue and digital electronics.
0.02Hz - 2MHz Range
Sine, Square or Triangle Output
Variable Symmetry
DC Offset
Built-in Frequency Counter

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