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Micro Switches

5A@125V (3A@250V) 
N/O & N/C contacts 
(19mm x 10mm) 
# 47-300-1 


No Actuator 
28mm x 16mm 
# 47-400-1


27.5mm Actuator 
28mm x 16mm 
# 47-402-1 


54.1mm Actuator 
28mm x 16mm
# 47-403-1  


25.9mm Roller 
28mm x 16mm
# 47-406-1
Current Rating: 15A@125 or 250VAC 
Contact Resist: 15m ohms maximum Insul.
          Resist: 100M ohms minimum 
Mech. Life: 1,000,000 operations 
Elect. Life: 100,000 operations 
Switch Size: 28mm x 16mm 

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