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Soldering Irons

SR-1020 Soldering Iron - 30 Watt

770 F (410 C)
30 Watts, 120VAC
ST-118-2, 1mm Conical Tip included

$ 8.95 Canadian Dollars

SR-1024K Soldering Kit

Kit includes: SR-1020 30 Watt Soldering Iron with plastic handle with 2 wire cord. Comes with Soldering tip, 5" Pliers with serrated jaws & cutter, Solder and Iron Holder.

770 F (410 C)
30 Watts, 120VAC
ST-118-2, 4mm Conical Tip included

$ 13.95 Canadian Dollars

SR6 Solder Iron
SR6 40 Watt Solder Iron

3 wire grounded plug
Screw in tip
Rubber sleeve handle with long-life plated tip
Replacement tips :
Wedge - SR2BT
Conical - SR2BT2
Conical 1/64" - SR2BT3

$ 22.95 Canadian Dollars


Xytronics XY-200GX30 30 watt Iron

High Efficiency Professional Soldering Iron

Thermally balanced 30 watt nichrome heating element. High efficiency heater reduces power consumption to half that of competitor's irons. Silicone rubber finger grip ensures cool comfort even under the most tedious production conditions. Fast heat up and recovery time will assist in the project completion time. UL and cUL listed.

Uses 44-415 Series Tips

$ 29.95 Canadian Dollars

Xytronics XY-200PHG60 60 watt Iron

60 watt soldering iron. The 200PHG60 series comes standard with a 3 wire grounded cord. Shipped complete with a power cord  flex guard and burn resistannt silicon cable. High performance double-wound nichrome heating element. Pre-loaded conical tip and iron stand included. UL and CUL listed.

Uses 44-204 Series Tips

XY-200PHG40 $ 29.95 Canadian Dollars (40 WATT)

XY-200PHG60 $ 25.69 Canadian Dollars (60 WATT)

XY-258 Xytronics


# XY258 Xytronics Variable Soldering Iron

Totally self contained control circuit. The lightweight, compact and portable construction will work well with all soldering applications. This unit has a temperature control on the handle as well as an LED to indicate temperature HI-Lo. UL listed. Ships with Cord Strain Relief and 3 Wire Burn Resistant Grounded Cord.

Uses 44-415 Series Tips

$ 31.99 Canadian Dollars

# 84-098-1

Cordless Electric Soldering Iron
This rechargable soldering iron comes complete with an easy touch trigger, built in work light and an AC adapter for charging the ni-cd battery. It heats up in 15 seconds or less and is capable of up to 20 minites continuous use.Ideal for on site repairs.

Unavailable at this time

84-097-1-1 Pkg.

- Butane Soldering Iron with ignitor & flow control c/w soldering tip
- Extra tips for soldering/wood burning
- Tip cleaning sponge & holder
- Protective plastic case
- (Butane not included)
$ 53.84 Canadian Dollars

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