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*Dear Valued Customers*

We would like to inform you that Main Electronic Supplies is now permanently closed.

We are currently in the process of selling off our entire inventory in larger sections.
If interested, please email us at:

We sincerely thank you for your continued support!



    - Record Player Needles, Cartridges & Accessories (Sold to Innovative Audio)
    - Foam Surrounds (Sold to Innovative Audio)
    - Vacuum Tubes – Modern Stock (Sold)
    - Vacuum Tubes – NOS Stock (Sold)
        - Contact: Michael Charles (
        - Contact: Clark Graham (
    - Capacitors (Sold)
    - Resistors (Sold)
    - Bulk Wire (Sold)
    - EL Wire (Sold)


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Tips for the SX-850 and LF-369D Stations
Conical 0.8 x 17MM solder tip SX-850 / LF-369D
Conical 0.8 x 17MM


Screwdriver 0.8 x 17mm


Long Conical .4 x 23mm


Screwdriver 1.6 x 17mm

Screwdriver 3.2 x 17mm


Long Screwdriver 1.2 x 23mm


Screwdriver 4.8 x 17mm


Chisel 3 x 17mm


PROMO: $159.95
(Regular: $175.00)

SX-850 Digital Soldering Station - 85 Watt

ESD safe, electronically controlled soldering station with temperature range from 302-968°F (150-480°C). The tip temperature is electronically maintained within ±6°F (±3°C) of the operating temperature. Temperature lock feature prevents unwanted temperature adjustments by the operator. This high efficient 85W station delivers rapid heat-up and quick temperature recovery.


  • ESD safe and spike free circuitry
  • 85W power with rapid heat-up and fast recovery
  • Variable Temperature: 150 - 480°C (302 - 896°F)
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Station with space saving compact design & slim soldering iron
  • Password controlled
  • Heater, Sensor failure detection feature
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit selectable
  • Low voltage isolated output for safer operation
  • Uses the same tips as the SX-500D and LF369D below (44-415 series)(ST-500 series)


PROMO: $89.95
Regular: $99.95

# LF-389D 60W Mini-Type Soldering Station

Mini 60 Watt Soldering Station Digital read out  Zero Voltage: protects voltage and current sensitve comonents (CMOS Devices) against tarnsient voltage spikes caused by using mechanical switches. Password Protection: Temperature can be locked with a password code

Use 44-415 or ST-500 Series Tips

$88.50 Canadian Dollars

More info...



Coil spring iron holder for extra safety
Sponge-pad tip cleaner
Switchable 20/40 watt iron with ON/OFF switch and light
Space saving design

Promo: $19.95
Regular: $23.50

VTSS4U Velleman Solder station 50 watt vancouver bc
# VTSS4 50W 302 - 842°F


  • for general electronics applications and repair
  • with on/off switch with LED indication
  • standard tip: Ø 0.04"


  • heater power for soldering iron: 48 W
  • temperature: 302 - 842 °F
  • voltage supply: 110 Vac
  • weight: 20.8 oz

$39.95 Canadian Dollars

SL540 Elenco Solder Station

The SL-5 Soldering Station is electronically controlled to provide 5 to 40 watts and is ideal for professional, students and hobbyists. The unit includes a holder funnel for the iron, sponge pad for cleaning the tip and an on/off indicator light.

$49.50 Canadian Dollars

# 951SX Edsyn

-Temperature Controlled Soldering Station. An industry standard.
• Accurate linear temperature control
• Easy to maintain and calibrate
• Modular assembly of parts for easy service
• Wide variety of soldering and SMT CROWN tips
• External calibration helps with ISO9000 compliance
• Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz
• Power Rating: 15W - 220W
• Heater Rating: 120V, 95W
• Temperature Range: 400°F - 800°F / 205°C - 427°C
• Temperature Regulation: ± 6°F / ± 3°C
• Tip to Ground Voltage Leakage/Resistance: < 2mV / < 2 ohms
• Overall Dimensions: 4.1"Wx8.2"Hx10"D / 104mm x 208mm x 254mm

$225.00 Canadian Dollars

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*Dear Valued Customers*

We would like to inform you that due in part to the passing of both Phil and Daniel,
the founders of our family business, Main Electronic Supplies is now "Closed."

We are currently looking to sell the whole lot or large sections of our inventory.
If you or anyone you know (including businesses) are interested,
please email us at:

Once our inventory has found a new home,
we will gladly provide an update below as to where it has moved.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and continued support since 1971!



- Our stock of both "Record Player Needles, Cartridges & Accessories"
and "Foam Surrounds" have now moved to Innovative Audio!

Prices are subject to change without notice.