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Main Electronic Supplies Ltd
4554 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5V 3R5
T: 604-872-0267 / F: 604-872-0268

*Dear Valued Customers*

We would like to inform you that Main Electronic Supplies is now permanently closed.

We are currently in the process of selling off our entire inventory in larger sections.
If interested, please email us at:

We sincerely thank you for your continued support!



    - Record Player Needles, Cartridges & Accessories (Sold to Innovative Audio)
    - Foam Surrounds (Sold to Innovative Audio)
    - Vacuum Tubes – Modern Stock (Sold)
    - Vacuum Tubes – NOS Stock (Sold)
        - Contact: Michael Charles (
        - Contact: Clark Graham (
    - Capacitors (Sold)
    - Resistors (Sold)
    - Bulk Wire (Sold)
    - EL Wire (Sold)


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Portable Vacuum

Small, Portable Vacuum with Full-size Suction

# 500-FV At 4 lb's this is the perfect machine for the service dealer. Powerful two-fan motor produces the suction of a full sized canister. Hand held or shoulder worn with heavy duty strap and shoulder pad. Complete with 12 attachments that will clean down to the finest of areas. Activated charcoal filter removes nearly 300 gases and odors.

$ 195.00 Canadian Dollars

# 500-W2 Three pack of replacement bags. These anti bacterial, micro lined bags have 99.7% filtration level to capture microscopic particles. $ 6.95 Canadian Dollars

# 300B Mini-Vac Attachment Set

  • Oval Brush
  • Round Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Crushproof Flexible Hose
  • 2 Adapters
  • Straight Extension
  • Curved Extention
$ 14.95 Canadian Dollars

# LP20 Edsyn
The LP20 is a handy mini-size vacuum pick-up tool
(80mm long) c/w 3mm and 5mm tips.
$ 31.95 Canadian Dollars

# LP200 Edsyn
The LP200 is a handy full-size vacuum pick-up tool
130mm long) c/w 3mm, 5mm and 10mm tips.
$ 46.95 Canadian Dollars

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*Dear Valued Customers*

We would like to inform you that due in part to the passing of both Phil and Daniel,
the founders of our family business, Main Electronic Supplies is now "Closed."

We are currently looking to sell the whole lot or large sections of our inventory.
If you or anyone you know (including businesses) are interested,
please email us at:

Once our inventory has found a new home,
we will gladly provide an update below as to where it has moved.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and continued support since 1971!



- Our stock of both "Record Player Needles, Cartridges & Accessories"
and "Foam Surrounds" have now moved to Innovative Audio!

Prices are subject to change without notice.